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Mortarboard & Tassel Collegiate Consulting LLC  is your one-stop shop for college planning, coaching and consulting services.  Our primary focus is upon facilitating aspiring and current college students of all ages to attain their higher education and career goals.   

Our Experience:


Mortarboard & Tassel Collegiate Consulting LLC 's CEO and Chief Navigator, Lori Davis, has over 15 years of experience within higher education institutions.  She has high-level experience in community college, regional comprehensive, HBCU and research intensive institutions.   She has pursued graduate studies in higher education and has successfully completed respected higher education leadership programs.

Our Process:

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 We recognize that every student's journey is different and unique and that's why we customize the best plan and services for each client.  Let's start with an introductory chat! Contact us at Lori@tasseledmortarboard.com


Introductory Consultations


I offer a complimentary one-hour conversation to discuss the needs of  the student.  We meet via in-person, via telephone or virtually.  After this initial consultation, I follow up with the aspiring or current college student to recommend appropriate services for their needs.

Hourly Consultations


I am available on an hourly basis to give students and families advice about finding the right college, preparing applications, major/program advising, Gap/Bridge programming, and more!

Coaching and Consulting Services


In addition to college planning, we offer strategies to identify appropriate accommodations/modifications for students with health conditions or learning differences at college or the workforce.   Our company also consults with colleges and organizations to facilitate accessibility, governmental affairs, internationalization, pre-college and pre-law school planning.

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We understand that each student's situation and needs are unique.  Tell me more about what you're seeking, and we'll contact you soon with some ideas.

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